Trion Worlds
End of Nations

  • Client: Trion Worlds
  • Project: Branding, Packaging, Print and Animation
  • Budget: £££££

Trion Worlds is an American video game developer and publisher which focuses primarily on MMOs, particularly of the MMORPG and MMORTS genres.

My Brief

Trion Worlds invited us to work with them on developing a campaign for the world's first MOBA RTS. The brief behind the campaign was to develop a message that would support their unique preposition, drive awareness and hype for the game ready for its release date, and to work with them to implement this across various platforms and communications over the upcoming months.

What I did

The game combines a massive multiplayer online battle arena with real-time strategy, and our first task was to come up with a campaign headline that would grab the public's attention in a simple and direct manner. After several workshops with the client, ‘Strategy Redefined’ was born and we set to the task of developing a logo lockup device and creative to work this into the campaigns look and feel.

We worked with them for several months developing various artwork and promotional materials that featured in press, trade shows, retail touch points and exhibitions in the run up to the game's release date.

One of the highlights of the project was the cinematic teaser we devised to report the current status of the game's development, and to generate a sense of excitement. The cinematic teaser was shown to the directors, partners and the internal working team.

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End of Nations Outdoor Campaign

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