Freelance Website Design and Development

Designing responsive websites that work for you and your users.

Website design that works

I'm a digital professional that prides himself in his creative thinking, technical knowhow and a thirst for customer satisfaction.

Over the years I've worked independently or with experienced digital designers, strategists and developers that can adapt existing services, innovate and develop digital projects that cater for any budget and timeframe. With creative digital thinking there's always a way!

It's never been more important for your brand to engage with your audience via a range of digital channels. I collaborate with my clients to deliver digital design solutions that deliver great results. I take time to understand your business aspirations and the culture surrounding your brand in order to partner with you at any point in your digital journey. From a designing a website to developing campaigns on social media, mobile and digital marketing.

Creative digital design solutions

I pride myself on being able to design clients beautiful design solutions with technical knowhow to backup our thought and strategy. Discover more about my digital services below;

I help clients plan, implement and evolve their websites and other digital products so they deliver results. If you have a project you'd like to have a chat about please get in touch

Rik was easy to work with and took the time to get to know us and our clients, the result is a new website which has helped define our brand and offer our digital frontage the presence it deserves. It is easy to use and something we are very proud off, I hope Rik is too.
Ian Beddis | Director at Hall Street

My Website Design Experience

I am a hybrid designer / developer so whilst I am passionate designing digital products - I also like to get under the hood and make things work with front-end development (HTML/CSS).

This skillset has allowed me to work on some major websites for some of the countries leading brands as well as independent businesses and charities. I have experience with many CMS and CRM systems including Hubspot, Marketo, WordPress, Shopify, Perch and Drupal.

Website Design

Digital & Web Design Agency Services

  • UX Design

    Working with your team, I work to identify your business goals and objectives to help develop an insight to what you need to do to convert your users. Outlining these key objectives enables us to design and develop key activities surrounding your website design. Activities include customer journey mapping, stakeholder interviews, workshops, customer profiling, content strategy and KPI measurements / benchmarking.

  • User Research & Content Analysis

    There is no magic formula to creating great users experiences and digital products. In our experience the most successful digital projects start with an investment into researching user patterns, analysing content and planning your Information Architecture (IA). Activities include competitor benchmarking, user focus groups or user surveys, heat-mapping and eye-tracking and mobile-device testing.

  • User Interface Design (UI)

    During the design process our digital team integrate our UX and IA development into beautiful User Interfaces (UI) to create memorable digital solutions that reflect your organisations brand and to encourages returning users. I work in an iterative process with a range of tools to design and explain our thought processes throughout the design phase. Activities may include; paper and rapid design using live online tools for instant previews and prototyping, responsive design, digital design, digital style guidelines and content design.

  • UI & Web Development

    I am passionate about exploring the latest tools and techniques to develop standards-compliant user interfaces and website. I use a range HTML, CSS and JavaScript at the core of our projects but enhance the power of other tech like AJAX, PHP and HTML5. I have a range of experiences with frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation which I often use to develop rich user experiences for our clients in a timely manner. Activities may include; responsive website design, mobile applications, interactive prototypes, accessibility & standards and interactive animated content.

  • Digital Technology, Testing & Enhancing

    A website or digital product should also work for our clients. I work with a range of Content Management Systems (CMS) and web-services to make our client's lives easier and save them money and resources. My CMS of choice Drupal but I also enjoy using Perch for smaller projects.

    With the increasing amount of devices and internet access points available nowadays, it's important to test digital design solutions on a range of devices. These include mobile-responsiveness, optimisation, page-speed analysis and even proofreading for quality assurance.

  • Renovation, optimisation and redesigning

    Sometimes things just don't work or the world moves on and suddenly you're out of date. I help analyse the current situation, past performances and objectives. This gives us valuable insight to help renovate your offering based around a more focussed programme of quick-win solutions and iterative improvements to keep you working.