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Like a good cup of tea.

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We're Digital Design Agency that build our own solutions for our clients so we know your product intimately so we can help support your business and be part of your team.

I once said if I had a pound for every time someone mentioned their site was too hard to work with so they don't bother or that they felt they were calling a lawyer with a stopwatch every time they phoned their digital team for some advise he'd be retired by now.

I like to become extension of Your Team. I've always prided myself on being there for my client when they needed me most. Not with an excessive bill but an understanding that we are in this together – through the bad and also the good! This is my brand and it is engrained in me like Brighton Rock.

WI offer a range of affordable monthly digital support packages so there's no scary surprises and also offer a range of services to keep your website or digital product online, earning you money and attracting leads.

Discover more about my digital support services below.

Digital Client Support Services

  • Consultancy

    My career and livelihood depends on the success I can deliver with your projects. I work collaboratively with my clients and provide our best advice throughout every stage of your project and beyond.

  • Support Agreements

    Once i've launched your project i'll continue to support you and your product so you know how to use it and the product continues to work with you.

  • Ticket Tracking & Milestone Reports

    Working with Project Management tools I work with clients to raise, track and report on their project to keep everyone accountable and ensure a level of transparency throughout the project.

  • 30 Day Grace Period

    All my development projects come with 30 day grace period where wi'll help iron out any bugs or issues that may have come to surface post-launch

  • Security Updates

    The digital world is growing and an exponential rate. It is inevitable that it'll attract unfavourable characters to ruin it for everyone else. I help monitor social media and support forums to ensure my solutions are up-to-date and secure to protect your business and your brand.

  • Hosting

    Where your digital platform is hosted is one of the most essential elements contributing to it's success and is often overlooked. I work with industry-leading hosting providers to give you peace of mind.

It's never been more important to engage with your audience via a mixture of digital channels, whether that's your website, app, email marketing or social networking.

Get in touch if you have something you want to have a chat about regarding your digital world and let's see how I can help you with your project.

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