Software AG - Project JANUS
Digital Infographic for the
Ministry of Defence

Janus UI Design

  • Client: Software AG (MomentumABM)
  • Project: UI - Interaction Design - Digital Infographic
  • Budget: £££££

Software AG is an enterprise software company with over 10,000 enterprise customers in over 70 countries. The company is the second largest software vendor in Germany, the seventh largest in Europe and among the top 25 globally. They are a client of MomentumABM of which I worked as Head of Digital in 2016/17.

My Brief

Project JANUS was developed for the MoD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory built a team under its Command Inform and Battle Management (CIBM) program to look at demand planning and forecasting. My job was to help raise awareness of this program by translating a printed infographic into something slick and digital.

What I did

The first thing I did was to help strip the noise out of the printed material and organise the information into digestible chunks. Once we had the key content i was able to pay homage to the printed material but completely flip it on it's head. Designing the User Interface (UI) for their digital tool. My design is based on various HUD (Heads Up Display) inspired by gaming and sci-fi movies I've seen and also taking shape from a digital display i'd seen on a radiator funnily enough.

Circular Navigation is rarely used on screen and suits IoT devices like Hive. I wanted to design something different than you usually see on screen so adopted for this approach which the client and i thought worked great.

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Janus UI Design

Janus UI Design

Janus UI Design