HSBC Design Review Board
Providing Art Direction to global design teams.

HSBC Brand and UX/UI Art Direction

  • Client: HSBC & AnalogFolk
  • Project: Art Direction, Brand Guardian, UX Consultant
  • Budget: £££££

AnalogFolk have HSBC Bank on retainer providing Design consultancy and branding.

My Brief

From January 2017 to January 2018 I worked with AnalogFolk on the Design Review Board (DRB). A dedicated team to one of the world's largest banking and financial services organisations, HSBC.

What I did

I was responsible for conducting design and UX reviews for all digital collateral in the Retail and Wealth Management verticals.

I ensured that every piece of work (500+ reviews) created by the business or other agencies adhered to the banks brand standards. I was also tasked with guiding global teams on design and UX issues arising to ensure approval by HSBC and go-live.

I provided art-direction remotely through video conferences and detailed reports. I also attended sprints and various workshops with multiple agencies and the client.

I also provided HSBC with reports about their own brand guidelines and UX standards to help these grow inline with the increasing business and technological demands.

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