Hartest Brewing Co
Branding a new micro-brewery

Hartest Brewing Co Branding

  • Client: Hartest Brewing Co
  • Project: Branding and Bottle Label Design
  • Budget: ££££

Hartest Brewing Co is a part-time micro brewery project that's looking to do good from drinking quality beer.

My Brief

To design a classical brand and bottle label

The Brand

The current craft beer and cider market is a very bloated place. Dominated by brands adopting a very bold illustrative designs. As a co-founder of the brewery I was put in charge of designing our brand. We wanted our brand to stand out from competitors with our product story and philosophy being the core attraction - not just the label.

Whilst our brand needed to stand out on the shelves we had a lot of noisy brands to compete with. Instead of fighting for attention with shocking graphics, quirky names and hard marketing I stripped things back which did the job.

I am a huge fan of classical design before trends as classical lasts. Hartest Brewing Co's branding uses a modern font chosen because the 'w' nods towards one of the co-owners pride and joy, his classic VW Camper van. The stag is the symbol of Hartest village which again is a nod to a local custom.

The Label

When we were developing the product we trialed our beers with a community of locals. We blind-tasted the beers using different coloured bottle caps as tokens. The feedback was all really good but what became apparent weeks later is how people remembered the beer by the cap colour; "I liked the black one", etc. This gave us an idea of keeping this flowing throughout the branding, we toyed with no labels what-so-ever but we needed legal information included. We tried a pic of a bottle cap and naming them all "The red one" etc but this felt impersonal. Finally, we decided upon a logo that is supported by a coloured brand bar and a matching cap.

The cap gives retailers an easy reference when dealing with mixed cases and the colours are easier to remember that the individual names. Something that has not been lost with customers and retailers.

The Future

I am now working with the brand to produce apparel and marketing materials whilst also brewing beer and expanding our offerings.

Do you have a similar project? I'd would love to hear from you.

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