Hall Street Responsive Website Design
High-end boutique website design

  • Client: Hall Street
  • Project: Responsive Website Design & Development, Perch CMS
  • Online: www.hall-street.co.uk
  • Budget: ££££
  • Testimonial:
    Rik was easy to work with and took the time to get to know us and our clients, the result is a new website which has helped define our brand and offer our digital frontage the presence it deserves. It is easy to use and something we are very proud off, I hope Rik is too.
    Ian Beddis | Director

Hall Street is an independent traditional “bricks and mortar” retailer based in Suffolk

My Brief

My brief was to re-design Hall Street's existing website and introduce a new CMS

What I did

Hall Street's cliental enjoy visiting their "bricks and mortar" stores as it gives them a unique shopping experience online shopping doesn't give. The whole experience is very tailored - from relaxing in a leather armchair enjoying a coffee or perusing the new selection of designer shirts.

The website was to become a hub of information about what the store has in stock and any new collections that may be arriving. It needed to be easily updated, responsive and look as elegant as the clothing Hall Street sell.

I opted for a very clean User Interface taking inspiration from High-end fashion and men's magazines which gave the images room to be the main attraction. This site is all about imagery and lifestyle so i didn't want to UI to be clunky and in the way.

The CMS of choice was Perch. Perch is a small and nimble CMS which allowed me to rapidly build out pages in HTML/CSS and add the editable regions where needed.


Once the site was launched we saw a steady increase in traffic to the site with a noticeable increase as months went by in people visiting the stores enquiring about things they've seen in the blog. We didn't set out to develop another e-commerce store and the customers continue to enjoy the overall retail experience offered at Hall Street, Suffolk.

Hall Street Website