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Retro Website Design for DJST - Desktop

  • Client: DJST
  • Project: Responsive Website Design & Development, Bootstrap, Drupal 7 CMS
  • Online:
  • Budget: ££££

Don't Just Sit There, Sell Something was established in 1992, they set out to meet the needs of the marketplace by providing a senior level telephone sales function to support and enhance field sales activity.

My Brief

Our brief was to re-design DJST responsive, mobile-friendly website to help them show off key propositions to their audience and increase their conversion rate from next to nothing to a reliable sales tool.

What I did

DJST had invested in marvellous retro photography to simply decorate their office walls which was to help their sales staff feel motivated and part of something more than just another call centre. When visiting DJST we marvelled at how these made us feel about their brand and insisted we used these to highlight key propositions and Call To Action touch points throughout the site.

The website we felt would work best in a linear fashion. Telling the story of who DJST are and what they provide in a step by step process as users scrolled down the page. Revealing great photography touch-points as we go.

The site is built with Twitter Bootstrap which handles the majority of the responsive abilities but the back end is powered by Drupal 7 for ease of implementation and administration by DJST's management team.

Once launched the website instantly started to convert visitors into sales leads for the client to chase. Delivering on the clients clear KPI they set us at the briefing stage of the project.

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djst Desktop Website

djst Desktop Website

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