5mm Interior Design Responsive Website design
Using the browser as a tool to deliver stunning imagery

5mm Responsive Website Design

  • Client: 5mm
  • Project: Responsive Website Design & Development, Bootstrap, Perch CMS
  • Online: www.5mm.co
  • Budget: ££££

5mm is a London-based but globally minded high end residential interiors design consultancy

My Brief

Our brief was to re-design 5mm's website to help them show off key projects and their fabulous photography.

What I did

We were under quite a tight budget and deadline for this project, so we stepped up to the challenge and opted to build 5mm a website using Twitter Bootstrap, which enabled us to efficiently build and design an elegant website around the framework.

We opted to use full-screen, scalable imagery for the clients photography to really help show off their work in the browser. The website is a means of serving this content and we didn't want the website to draw attention away from our clients amazing portfolio.

The website scales gracefully across different devices ensuring the content looks beautiful wherever their users happen to be.

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